What Is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-Fine jewellery is becoming more and more popular, but have you ever wondered what it is actually made of?

Demi-Fine jewellery meets the high demand between Fine jewellery, Costume jewellery and Fashion jewellery. Often we tend to acquire a few pieces of Fine jewellery over the years; engagement rings, heirlooms, etc., however, for the average shopper Fine jewellery is too expensive to buy regularly (let alone to wear on a daily basis). Costume jewellery and Fashion jewellery, though beautiful and unique in design, are sadly often made to last for a season or two and they tend have no protection against water, sweat, or regular wear.

Falling between these categories is Demi-Fine jewellery which combines elements of Fine jewellery, like high polish finishes and fine metal, with the affordability and versatility of Fashion and Costume jewellery.

The secret to creating amazing Demi-Fine jewellery is a perfect blend of metals, in most cases we use gold vermeil, sterling silver, and stainless steel. This perfect blend of fine metals creates pieces of Demi-Fine jewellery that can be worn on a daily basis without running the risk of permanent damage or discolouration.


Visually pleasing, versatile and long-lasting. We love (LOVE!!) Demi-Fine jewellery for many reasons but the number one reason, in our opinion, is the strength and durability of this jewellery. Pieces from our Demi-Fine collections are made to be worn every day and, when cared for properly, will last for many years to come.