How To Care For Your Silver

What is 925 sterling silver?

Every piece from Pretty Little Bands is made of 925 sterling silver. This precious metal is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Copper has been proven to be the best companion metal, improving silver’s hardness and durability without altering its beautiful colour. Sterling silver is one of the most cherished metals, its beauty and durability make it one of our personal favourites. 

How do I care for my 925 sterling silver?

Like all precious metals, 925 sterling silver may require cleaning from time to time. Use a small amount of silver cleaner on a soft cloth and gently rub silver several times. Rinse with warm water and dry carefully. This will remove tarnish, keeping your silver like new. 
To minimize tarnishing, store your silver jewellery in the sealed bag packaged with your item. Please note, bleach and chlorine accelerate tarnishing and should be completely avoided.  

 What is a quality stamp?

To identify if a piece is 925 sterling silver, you must check for its quality stamp. All 925 sterling silver jewellery must be marked with a fineness or quality stamp that clearly states its precious metal content. Typically, jewellery is stamped on the "non-showing faces" of the piece of silver. Look for “925”, “92.5”, “.925”, “STER”, or “SS”.